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We recognise that pregnancy and birth are a unique experience for each family and different with every baby. Our goal is to provide personalised care and informed choice to the mothers and families that choose to come under our care. We approach pregnancy and birth from a holistic and natural perspective, with the understanding that there are times where medical support/intervention is appropriate and necessary.

The antenatal period  is the most important time to build trust between mother and midwife and we want to provide each family with the time and space to nurture this trust. We encourage families considering a homebirth to look into all their options to enable them to feel completely comfortable with their choice of care provider and option for birth.

Antenatal visits are usually done at home and are scheduled monthly until 30 weeks, then fortnightly until 36 weeks, and weekly visits until the birth. If the need for more frequent visits arises any point during pregnancy we will adjust visits accordingly.


The antenatal care we provide includes (but is not limited to): initial meeting, birth debriefing (if requested), assessment of baby's growth, wellbeing and position, maternal vital signs, in-depth discussion of non-pharmacological options and remedies for pregnancy and labour, access to an assortment of educational book and documentaries, birth preparation and planning, breastfeeding education, informed consent and decision making and on call- 24 hour access to the midwives.

Image by Simon Davis 

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