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We continue to assess and monitor you and baby after birth until you are both settled and comprehensive postpartum instructions have been given to you and your family. We continue to visit you at home in the first few days/weeks following birth. These visits are scheduled on an individual basis.

Sometimes it seems that birthing a baby is the easy part as breastfeeding, the disruption- and lack of sleep and responsibility of taking care of a new baby can be a challenging time. We believe it is crucial that every new mother can access real and practical support. We listen to you, and support you in the way you require through the postnatal period.

The postnatal care we provide includes (but is not limited to): maternal and newborn assessment, breastfeeding assistance and counselling, vit. K and hep. B vaccination (optional), newborn screening, family planning counselling, and 24 hour on call access to the midwives.

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